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Mt4 PAMM Software

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Forex Crm mt4 PAMM or Percent Allocation Management Module is an advanced solution for MetaTrader 4 and 5 designed to attract quality money managers and investors with its sleek web-based UI and advanced investment management capabilities.

Key Advantages

Client Attraction

mt4 PAMM solution incorporates separate user interfaces for administrators, money managers, and investors; making it possible to cater to the unique needs of every group.The PAMM solution appeals to generous investors by exhibiting elaborate trading statistics and granting investors the flexibility to deposit and withdraw funds at any time.


mt4 PAMM solution contains both backend and frontend components, ensuring effortless integration into the trading platform.

Unlike MAM plugin software, the solution’s architecture grants zero impact on trading platform performance, ensuring that even large amounts of trade operations do not lead to any technical hindrance.


Money managers set unique terms with flexible performance fees calculation, such as those based on profit and balance percentages, fixed fees, commission rates, and more.

With mt4 PAMM solution, forex brokers and money managers enjoy GUI tools which allow them to configure user account settings, balanced flow, as well as lists of current investors and shares.


The Forex CRM support team works around the clock to solve problems and assist brokers with MT4/mt4 PAMM maintenance.

Our customers are guaranteed efficient setup and customization assistance, as well as complete website and trading room integration support.

White Label Friendly

Forex Crm cutting-edge MT4/mt4 PAMM solution is available to fully licensed MT4/mt4 brokers with administrator platform access, as well as MT4/mt4 white labels.

Brokers can maximize brand awareness by applying corporate design to the solution’s frontend components.


What else is included in our
mt4 PAMM Software?

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