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What to Look for in a Client Cabinet

The primary way your forex clients interact with you is through the client cabinet, sometimes called a trader’s room, in your forex software. For your brokerage to be a success, your trader’s room must remove barriers to client registration and make it easy for clients to make trades.

Your Client Cabinet can be the make or break of your business – it is the backbone of your success, something which your clients use on a daily basis, and therefor needs to portray the professionalism, reliability, and outstanding service level your company provides. For a large majority of clients, using your Client Cabinet is the most interaction they will have with your brokerage, and for that reason, it needs to be perfect.



Simplicity, manageability, and ease of use when it comes to trading is what clients want to see. From our research and extensive experience, you will lose your client to the next broker 8 times out of ten if your Client Cabinet's functionality isn't up to scratch.

Problems ranging from errors during registration, to verification documents disappearing, or not being able to perform simple deposit and withdrawal actions screams unprofessionalism from the very get-go, and will lose you not only one or two potential clients, but once the word spreads, the lion's share of the business out there.


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