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MT5 MAM Plugin

What is a MAM platform?

MAM managers are the most valuable asset your brokerage can have as they always have their own pool of investors. Our platform can help you meet the needs and requirements of the most sophisticated money managers. Once they come to you, they will bring all their investors to your company!

New client segment

Attract money managers with a feature-rich MAM platform

New marketing offer

Offer your clients the opportunity to create unique setups for money management

Upload history

Attract clients from other brokers and upload their history

Features your money managers are used to
10 Allocation methods

- Proportionally by free margin
- Proportionally by equity
- Lot allocation (ratio multiplier)
- Proportionally by balance
- Fixed lot allocation

- PAMM (without reallocation)
- PAMM (with autocorrection)
- PAMM (with reallocation of positions)
- Proportionally by equity x multiplier
- Proportionally by balance x multiplier


Money managers sometimes work with clients who have different risk tolerances. In this case, MAM masters can deactivate investors and allow them to skip some positions without unsubscribing them.

Activation and deactivation does not close opened positions.



What else is included in our
MT5 MAM Plugin?

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