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MT5 Multi Level Plugin

There is an application developed by our developers which is offered to brokers who wants to deliver multi- tiered agent commission system. This applications can be connected to various trading platforms like MT5, xStation or cTrader. The application integrates with our Client office app which links new customers to correct IB structures and it can also be done through open API in case if you wish to integrate it with your trader’s room.

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Multi Level MT5 Plugin

Multi-level Agent Commission creates multi-level hierarchical agent structure so that introducing brokers (IB) and the other agents will receive commission for trades performed by lower agents' levels. Thus, the limitation of single-level agents commission on MT4 can be overcome.

  • Multilevel Affiliate Program
  • Filters by groups,accounts,symbols
  • Opportunity to set pips/ money amount/ percentage commissions
  • Suitable for WL

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