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What is the Mt5 Trader’s Cabinet

Our Forex Trading Cabinet is a portal designed not only for your clients to interact with, but a versatile tool that will help to improve the success of your brokerage. From the standpoint of your clients, the Trader Cabinet will allow them view critical information pertaining to their account, update account related details, deposit funds, and request withdrawals. From the broker’s viewpoint, the Forex Trading Portal will offer a variety of reporting tools, help to automate system processes, and improve the overall efficiency of the brokerage.

Process Streamlining

The Forex Trading Cabinet will serve as a single portal for all incoming online applications and the documents which accompany them. This will make it possible to streamline the application process by having everything organized under a single portal.

Automation of Communication

Our technology makes it possible for clients to receive emails based on specific account activity automatically, for example when an account application has been approved. Live account holders can also receive various automatic confirmations after requesting withdrawals or other account-related changes.

Reporting Advantages

We’ve worked hard to deliver a variety of reports that we feel are helpful to the success of your brokerage. Examples include data pertaining to trading volume, products traded, most active clients, IB performance, and many more!


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MT5 Trader Cabinet?

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